Free education for budding HSC scholars: HSC Admission 2018*

*Subject to availability

Akij College Business ClubAkij College Science

Akij Foundation School and College (AFSC) are currently offering SSC school leavers a chance to receive a top-class college education free of admission and tuition fees.

Former SSC candidates that achieved a Golden A+ or A+ in their SSC exams can enrol at our college for a chance to receive this one of a kind HSC scholarship for Business Studies and Science.

Please note that places are limited and only 2018’s SSC examinees are eligible.

For more information feel free to contact us via Facebook, our website or call our Uttara Campus office.

Based in Uttara, Dhaka, AFSC takes pride in nurturing upcoming talent and delivers a style of education across its school and college that is unique. The college campus is built on a large site that provides the essential facilities for a rich learning experience such as; science labs, computer rooms, sports facilities, library and agriculture field. Classes are taught using these facilities so that students get the right balance of practical and theory-based lessons. Most importantly, our teachers provide a good-natured classroom environment where students are given the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. ‘Education for Humanity’ is an idea our institute truly believes in.